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Investment Income – Advice on Investments and Income Generation

Investment Income and Advice

Investment Income Advice - Fixed Interest, Income Securities and other conservative investments.

Cash, Fixed Interest and other income based assets are often adopted to provide consistent and reliable investment income, without the risk and fluctuations associated with some other asset classes.

Such conservative investments are generally favoured by individuals with a low tolerance to risk and volatility, or those somewhat reliant on investment income to satisfy general lifestyle expenses.

At the initial meeting, we assess clients’ income needs and tolerance to risk, then provide advice on how to maximise income from their portfolio.

JR Financial Planning is based in Kew East, but services clients throughout metropolitan Melbourne.


A Focus on Investment Income

We adopt a conservative investment philosophy and provide our clients advice on:

Cash & Term Deposits

∙  Bank deposits, Cash Management Trusts & Term Deposits.
∙  Suitable for investors who have a short-term investment outlook or low tolerance for risk.

Managed Funds

∙  Diversified Funds with Fixed Interest, Bonds and other income oriented assets.
∙  Provide investors with a diversified portfolio that generally offers a higher yield than Term Deposits with some tax effective income.

Income Securities and High Yield Ordinary Shares

∙  Listed debt and preference securities.  Higher yielding ordinary shares listed on the ASX.
∙  Generally offer higher yields than Term Deposits and provide tax effective income, but can experience greater volatility.


Our Expertise

At JR Financial Planning, advice is only provided to clients by a Certified Financial Planner®.

The CFP® is the highest level of certification that a financial planner can achieve and is a commitment to abide by a Code of Professional Practice, including Code of Ethics, Practice Standards and Rules of Conduct.

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About JR Financial Planning

At JR Financial Planning, we believe that true financial planning can only be delivered through a complete understanding of individuals’ goals and objectives.

Our process adopts a measured and educational approach with clients.  This helps promote a better understanding of the strategy, as well as potential legislative implications, economic and market conditions.  We seek peace of mind for our clients and always encourage questions to be asked.

Ongoing, clients have unlimited access to our Certified Financial Planner®.  This also includes the provision of regular updates on economic events and how they may impact on one’s strategy or portfolio.

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